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Cricket talent hunt facility is a dedicated space or venue where cricket talent hunts are conducted. These facilities are designed to provide a suitable environment for players to showcase their skills and abilities, as well as for coaches and evaluators to assess their performance.

A typical cricket talent hunt facility will have one or more cricket pitches or nets, as well as space for players to warm up and practice. The facility may also have seating areas for spectators or parents, as well as changing rooms and other amenities.

In addition to providing a suitable space for talent hunts, these facilities may also offer coaching and training programs for young cricketers. They may be run by cricket academies or clubs, or they may be owned and operated by professional cricket teams or organizations.

Cricket talent hunt facilities are often located in areas with a high concentration of cricket players and enthusiasts, such as cities or regions with a strong cricket culture. They may also be used for other cricket-related events, such as tournaments or matches, and may be rented out for private use by individuals or groups.

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